Cut Pile

 Cutpile Carpets

The finish of the carpet is like a well-trimmed lawn, with cut ends. Softer than loop pile, but can still be hard-wearing.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Salisbury Twist

Salisbury TwistA cutpile carpet with a soft 7.5mm pile, available in 13 different colours, ranging through shades of browns, greys and beige, plus a vibrant red, a dusky pink and a soft, sage green. An excellent hard-wearing carpet, for comfort as well as durability.

Wear Warranty – 10 years; Stain Warranty – 15 years.


A delicate marl features on this carpet, with a soft 7mm cutpile finish. This is a sturdy carpet, for areas of heavy traffic, but soft enough for bare feet. It comes in twelve colours, including shades of brown, beige and grey to tone with every colour scheme.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Dublin Twist

A densely-tufted cutpile carpet, with a soft feel, yet with a short pile so durable for areas of your home which get a lot of wear and tear. This carpet comes in a variety of cheerful colours, including a rusty red, soft pink, pale green, mauve and mid blue, as well as a range of neutral colours from beige to chestnut.

Wear Warranty – 10 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Accolade Berber

A hard-wearing cutpile carpet, with 80% wool mix, and a subtle marl effect, this is a great carpet for busy areas. It comes in ten neutral shades, ranging from a light beige to a sandy colour with hints of orange, so it can fit in with any décor.

Wear Warranty –  5 years.


With a 6mm cutpile, this is a versatile carpet, hardwearing yet soft underfoot, and suitable for bedrooms and living areas as well as hallways and stairs. This carpet has ten colourways, some plain and some with a marl effect. All are practical, neutral colours, ranging from a light beige, through sandy shades to a chestnut brown, and a pair of greys.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.


A versatile carpet suitable for anywhere in your home, this short cutpile carpet has a smooth dense finish, which will retain its looks for many years. There are twelve colours available, including a deep red and a black, as well as a wide range of neutral tones from lightest beige to chestnut brown.

Wear Warranty – 5 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Penbridge Twist

Penbridge Twist CarpetThis robust cutpile carpet is suitable for any room in your home, and has a smooth subtly-marled finish, which will complement any colour-scheme. The colours available include a deep plum and a pale silver, as well as neutral tones from palest cream to slate-grey.

Wear Warranty – 5 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.


This comes with two different lengths of pile, 8mm and 14mm. Otherwise identical in colour and finish, both can be used anywhere in your home, though only the shorter pile is suitable for stairs. All of the colours available have a subtle marl, and range from pale fawn through to mid brown, with two greys and a nice aubergine. A versatile pair of carpets.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.


fairfield carpet living room     fairfield lilac and stripe carpetComing in plain and stripe varieties, this carpet has the potential to look great in your home, co-ordinating colours between rooms and hallways using plain colours to match the toning stripes. With a 7mm cutpile, this is a robust carpet, with a smooth, dense finish which is soft enough for bare feet, yet robust enough for stairs. The plain colours range from beige through brown and grey, with a lovely blue, green, red and two shades of purple. The strips are available in two brown mixes, greys, blues, purples and greens, and are comprised of stripes of varying thicknesses, up to a maximum of 15mm.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.


A lush carpet with a deep 14mm pile you can sink into, this carpet is still robust enough for use anywhere in your home. It comes in a variety of subtle marl shades, plus a couple of plain cream-coloured ones. The marls range from light beige to mid brown, and through greys to almost black, with a lovely ruby-red as well. A luxurious carpet which will wear very well.

Wear Warranty – 10 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

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