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Cornish Carpets has a great variety of designs, colours and textures, including a number of realistic wood-effects, marble and stone. Modern vinyl flooring is warm underfoot, easy to clean and affordable. The wood and stone effects come in a variety of shades, and a depth of colour that is very realistic, but without the hardness of real wood or stone.

Being waterproof, vinyl is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, but equally at home in living areas, hallways and conservatories. Vinyls can be cleaned with broom, mop or vacuum cleaner, so you won’t need expensive floor-cleaners to maintain a showroom finish. To ensure a good fit, and durability, it is recommended that vinyl floorcoverings are finished with silicone sealant around the edge. Cornish Carpets will do this at no extra charge.

Black and white tile effect vinyl
Black and White tile effect Vinyl
Black and white vinyl
Black and white vinyl
centurion vinyl beige tile
centurion vinyl beige tile
centurion vinyl wood effect vinyl
centurion vinyl wood effect vinyl

We stock a number of designs of vinyl:

Authentic wood plank effects, varying widths and lengths of plank, varying shades

Slate and granite effects, with different sizes of tiles, and shades

Marble and stone effects, either tiles of varying sizes and colours, or across the whole floor

At first glance, many of these are indistinguishable from ‘the real thing’ although much warmer and softer underfoot, and easier to maintain.

All our vinyl’s are hard-wearing and robust, suitable for domestic use in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. They are cushioned for your comfort, and have subtle textures in the pattern so that they are not slippery to walk on. The quality of the patterns these days is miles away from the old-fashioned linos that used to be available, and many of the finishes are virtually indistinguishable in appearance from genuine wood, stone or tile floors. The main difference comes in usage. You won’t break a glass if you drop it on a vinyl stone-patterned floor. You won’t need to use any special cleaning products or techniques to ensure that your floor remains in good condition – just a soft brush to collect the dust and bits, and a regular mopping with warm water and a light detergent will be all that it needs. Your vinyl floor will last you for years, and comes in 2-, 3- and 4-metre lengths, to ensure the best fit with the minimum wastage.


Wood Effect: Ranging from light pine-effect to wide mid-tones, and a darker mixed-effect wood, these are lovely designs.
Plain: a marble-finish in a pale sandy colour.
Tiles: various designs including large slate-look tiles, sandstone-effect, and various shades of grey and neutral colours. Also three exciting mixed-colour mosaic finishes with 6mm blocks, in silver, blue and grey.

Warranty – 7 years


Wood effects: styles include plank effects in various colours, from light to dark, black and ash, plus an unusual pair with 4mm wide strips in varying shades, in silver-grey and silver-beige.
Plain: a marbled effect in a pale grey.
Tiles: several designs ranging from large off-white rectangular tiles to sandstone, mixed grey tones and smaller sandy colours.

Warranty – 7 years


Wood effects: several styles with narrow planking (between 6 & 12 cm), in light-to-mid shades.
Plain: a speckled granite effect in silver/grey, and an off-white marble-effect.
Tiles: lovely large tiles ranging from diagonal silver-grey, and slate, through squares of a delicate pale blue, blacks, sandstones and marble effects.

Warranty – 5 years


Wood effects: from a beautiful, dark mahogany to a light ash-shade, there are several realistic wood-effects, in narrow-to-medium planking.
Plain: a very pale marble with beige hints, and a sandy mottled texture.
Tiles: large square tiles (25cm) in very realistic-looking slate, and lighter stones, plus diagonal 33cm tiles in light and dark colours.

Warranty – 5 years

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