Loop Pile Ranges

 Carpet descriptions for Cornish Carpets – Loop Pile

All our carpets are fade resistant, stain resistant, anti-static and water resistant to a certain extent. Most come in 4m width, and some also in 5m. Different backings are available for some styles – please discuss your requirements with us, and we will be happy to advise you on the best option for your home. All our carpets can be cleaned with bleach, which makes them easy to keep looking nice for longer, no matter what happens to them. They have good-to-excellent insulating properties, and many are compatible with under-floor heating. Let us know if your home has this, and we will ensure that your carpet is suitable.

Loop pile

The fabric of the carpet finishes in loops, not cut ends, which gives a bobbly texture, and great durability.

Big Hit Ace

big hit beige carpetbig hit beige carpetsThis is a versatile tufting loop pile carpet, with a woven design to it, making it hard wearing and attractive. It has a 6mm pile, and comes in five marl colours from pale beige, browns, a lovely red, and a slate-grey mix.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Big Hit Eagle

A 4mm tufting loop pile, ideal for high-traffic areas, with a subtle check pattern to it. This carpet comes in five colourways, using two tones, ranging from very pale to darker shades of brown and grey.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Big Hit Goal

Another tufting loop pile with a 6mm pile, in a gently shaded design with hints of other colours within the main shade. Versatile and sturdy for high-traffic areas of your home. There are five shades available from a slate-grey and chocolate brown, through to a light creamy beige.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Big Hit Strike

An eye-catching striped carpet, with a 5mm tufting loop pile. Ideal where you need something hard-wearing yet attractive. Each colourway comprises four toning colours, for instance beige, red, light brown and mid brown, giving an overall rust colour. Also in black and greys, and chocolate, beige and browns. Care will be taken when laying this carpet to ensure that the stripes match!

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Ranger / Brunel

This carpet has a short 5mm loop pile, with a regular finish, making it ultra-durable for areas where there is a lot of traffic. It comes in a rusty red, a mid-toned blue and greys, browns, beiges and cream, to suit your décor.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Rocca / Senator

The 6.5mm loop pile on this carpet means it’s ideal for stairs, hallways and entrances, although it’s smart enough for living areas, and soft enough for bedrooms. It has a textured finish, with a very slight chequered effect in the marl and is available in eight shades, ranging from a toasty chestnut to lighter beiges and greys.

Wear Warranty – 7 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

Sweet Home

Sweet Home Harvest carpet  sweet home light beige carpet afterA textured loop pile carpet, with great durability for hallways and stairs. This carpet has a marl finish, with several shades in the weave. The colours available range from light beige to grey-black.

Wear Warranty – 10 years; Stain Warranty – 10 years.

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